Tewer leads the Photon Project

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Tewer is the Leader of the PHOTON project that focuses on the optimization of tower solar thermal power plants.

The objective of the project is to develop a new more efficient and manageable tower solar thermal plant model that reduces construction and energy production costs, as well as maintenance costs.

Tewer Engineering and Acciona together with partners in other countries, are participating in the European project “PHOTON: High-performance solar thermal power plants based on hybrid Solar-PV heliostats and tailormade collectors”. The project also includes the design of a new optimised solar collector, suited to solar field performance and the requirements of the plant.

Tewer Engineering has developed several R&D projects that increase our ground-breaking position. One of them is the PHOTON Project whose expected results are:

  • Development of new generation of smart, spherically curved sandwich, facets.
  • Completely autonomous PV powered heliostats.
  • Implementation of specifically developed sensors and algorithms allow for the smart heliostats initialization and calibration automatically.
  • High heliostat optical quality reduces energy losses by spillage
  • Development of a new optimized receiver designed specifically for the solar field to improve its efficiency.
  • Improvement of the complete solar plant with the joint design of: solar field, receiver, and BOP.
  • Complex detailed analysis will be carried out to obtain the key design variables.

You can get more information on the Photon Project page.

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