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Record time execution in Gemasolar

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Ejecución Gemasolar

Its been quite a ride since the TEWER team managed to put together the two automated assembly lines at Crescent Dunes, that delivered 40 heliostats a day, with a canting error of 0.5…0.6 mrad, a production pace that effectively doubled that of Gemasolar, the industrial benchmark at the time. Since then, TEWER has used every chance to show that innovation is key to build ever more competitve solar fields. Partnering up with Batz Energy, our patented desdigns boosted the  capacity of the assembly and canting single line at Noor III, in Morocco,  that enabled the produccion of up to 50 helisotats (178m2) per day with outstanding canting accuracy. And just this year we have accomplished yet another major milestone, becoming the first company to re-build part of the heliostat field in an already existing plant, and in operation!.

Tewer’s innovative canting system for heliostats has become a reference in the assembly of tower plants. Last year TEWER was awarded main contractor by Torresol Energy for the assembly of new heliostats at the Gemasolar plant, where this innovative system made it possible to achieve canting error values and an assembly precision that are a benchmark in the sector.

This project, which began in September 2020, has been executed in record time, ending in March 2021, even with the adverse weather conditions of the winter season. For the execution of the project in Gemasolar, TEWER has developed the engineering of the entire industrial process, the construction and commissioning of jigs and tools and the assembly of heliostats both at the warehouse and in the field.

We are very grateful to Torresol Energy for the trust placed in us!


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