CSP Products

The highest level of performance
and at competitive costs

TEWER owns technological know-how on which has developed leading products for CSP, always at the highest level of performance, and at competitive costs.


The solar reflector Tewer-RST3 is a sandwich facet of high performance with the peculiarity that is designed to minimize the variation of its characteristics in working condition. The standard format of the product consists of a sandwich with a core of Solar Foam®, a polymeric foam specially developed to support the life of the reflector without varying characteristics.

The front layer of the facet is a mirror of reduced thickness, which improves its optical performance.


The HTW135 heliostat is capable of motion in two axes, based on a torque tube system. This innovative heliostat design consists of a series of structural elements that constitute a substantial improvement over other solar trackers with similar characteristics: the anti-astigmatism ring, and the front tensioners. The anti-astigmatism ring is a system present in the back of the reflective surface that minimizes the deformation of the reflection due to bending of the torque tube when the inclination of the grid increases. On the other hand, when the inclination of the grid is reduced, the front tensioners prevent the apparent curvature of the reflective surface to be reduced or become convex, reducing overflow in the tower by these causes.

The heliostat has been designed from the start with the premise that each and every one of its parts must be transported to minimizing costs, so all subcomponents are transportable in standard 40 ft containers. Tewer also has a mounting system and canting of heliostats fully compatible with all designs that ensures the correct installation and canting of all production, with very low assembly cycle time, and ensuring that the final product has the expected performance.

The design, materials, mechanical and optical performance of the heliostat ensure that the solar tracker HTW135 is the best choice for building a sturdy, reliable and high performance solar field.

The first prototype of the heliostat HTW135 has been tested at the PSA (CIEMAT-Almería-SP) showing an optical quality value better than 1 mrad.

CCP Collectors

The parabolic trough collector WD3 is a solar collector with RP3-type mirrors, based on a structure with torque tube and cantilever truss arms. Its innovative structural concept allows easy manufacture and local assembly, combined with excellent rigidity and optical performance. Furthermore, the combination of central torsion tube, perfectly transportable in container, with a lattice structure -very easy to manufacture- for the arms, makes it the most competitive system in the market.

Each «Solar Collector Assembly» (SCA), 150 m in length, is composed of 12 «Solar Collector Elements» (SCE’s), 12.3 m each, an opening of 5,774 m, and an effective reflective area of 817 , 5 sqm. This system significantly reduces the costs of operation and maintenance (OPEX) without influencing the collector interception factor and therefore reaching the same optical performance. The arms of the mirrors are made from pre-galvanized profiles and can be assembled in the field, reducing manufacturing and transportation costs.

This, coupled with the high rigidity of the torsion tube and its transportable configuration in standard 40 ft containers, makes this design one of the most flexible in manufacturing locations, and ease of assembly. The monitoring system consists of a set of linear hydraulic actuators and cams and allows continuous monitoring, requiring fewer starts and increasing the annual energy production. The mounting system upside-down, with rotation and adjustment of the deformation, provides high capacity of assembly and simplicity of operation.

In short, the collector Tewer WD3 has been developed to meet the highest requirements of optical and thermal performance. Its peak optical and overall performance by modifying the angle of incidence (AMI) is a high guarantee for any of the applications in which it is used.

DISH Concentrator

TEWER is committed to the development of Dish-type collectors for Stirling engines of high efficiency, providing creative solutions to solving the structural challenges arising from the large reflective surface involved, the short radii of curvature, the high optical quality required in the facets, and all this without forgetting the cost constraint coming from the high competition in the sector.