Tewer cover all the needs required by the property

TEWER is the ideal place to guarantee technical and economic evaluations of implementation of photovoltaic generation projects, covering all the needs required by the property.

  • Evaluation and Feasibility Studies.
    1. Feasibility and Regulatory Compliance for the Connection.
    2. Location Features and Solar Resource Availability.
    3. Definition of Plant and Business Case.
  • Review of the Detail Engineering of the Plant.
    1. Basic plant configuration.
    2. Plant Production Calculation review.
    3. Detailed definition of equipment and systems review.
    4. Electric System Component Definition.
    5. Evaluation of Construction Specifications, Installation, Traceability and Quality Control.
  • Execution and construction Control, Quality and Traceability of the Solar plant.
  • Approval and Commissioning of the plant.
  • Detailed engineering and project management.