CSP Services

Wide real experience in CSP Projects

The wide real experience of our team in CSP projects, both tower and parabolic trough, allows TEWER to offer leading technology services in this field.

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Sites and Resource Assessment.
  • Technology Assessment.
  • Electricity production estimations.
  • Support for the Business Case of the Project.
  • Project Definition and Permissions.
  • Basic Engineering.
  • Support for obtaining licenses or approvals for the project.
  • Project Development and Construction.
  • Property Engineering.
  • Detail engineering of the Solar Field.
  • Facets supply.
  • Heliostats / Collectors delivery under Tewer’s designs.
  • Design and Delivery of Assembly Lines under Tewer’s designs.
  • Solar Field Control Implementation.
  • Starting of the Solar field and support to commissioning.