Development of
collectors and heliostats

For some of the most prestigious clients in the industry


Spark of Innovation

Unleashing the Future with Solar-to-Hydrogen Breakthroughs!


The integration of
scientific knowledge
and industrial experience

Oriented to the development of technological products


Solar energy experts

The experience gained by our engineers in the development of collectors and heliostats for some of the most prestigious clients in the industry, and their involvement in the manufacture and assembly of some of the most important projects of both technologies, set up a group of highly qualified professionals to meet the challenges that the sector demand in the solar field.

Own software

At the forefront of the technological needs that arise in the industry, our engineers have developed cutting-edge applications in the field of calculating efficiency of the solar field, plant production, energy flow mapping on receiver and pointing strategies.

Own product

TEWER has developed its own proposals in both concentration technologies, including innovative parabolic trough configurations for operation with molten salt, heliostats of high efficiency and low cost, and facets of high performance, sandwich type, and high stiffness, among others. All carried out with proprietary knowhow that support the potential of our company for innovation.

Other sectors

Multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary expertise of our partners and our engineers, acquired in such diverse sectors such as automotive, railway, or solar energy, and with such varied processes as welding, casting, production of long and short series, among others, always linked to innovation, allows a very interesting technology transfer to other applications resulting in performance improvement and cost reduction.

Who are Tewer Engineering?

Tewer has the integration of scientific knowledge and industrial experience as differential factors, orientes to the development of technological products.



Simulation, products and services




Testing, validation, development of manufacturing processes


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